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    When it comes to getting the most from your contingent workforce, expertise matters. Volt has a proven 20-year record of helping organizations of all sizes recruit and manage qualified people, improve the responsiveness of their supplier network, mitigate risk, and increase the return on their workforce investment.

    More than 100 Fortune 1000 and emerging companies rely on Volt to improve the results and manage the costs of their in-house recruiting, staffing suppliers, statement of work projects, and independent contractors. Our range of services, deployed from headquarters in North America, Europe, and Asia, give you greater visibility of your entire workforce while mitigating the risks inherent to a large, global workforce.

    From end-to-end administration of your contingent and permanent workforce to in-depth analytics that reveal where your company is performing well and where improvements can be made, from initial implementation through final invoicing and at every step in between, Volt collaborates with your internal team and service providers to improve efficiency, control costs, and drive better results from your workforce spend.

    We’re ready to prove that Volt is your best choice. We look forward to working with you.

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