• Consistent Quality Across Your Entire Workforce Program

    How you acquire, retain, and manage talent is a critical factor in forecasting the growth of your business, yet many organizations lack a cohesive method of aligning both their permanent and contingent workforce management to their overall business strategies. Volt’s Total Talent Management (TTM) solution delivers talent acquisition expertise across your entire workforce, including hourly and salaried employees, contingent workers, and statement of work providers.

    TTM combines the power of Volt’s managed services provider (MSP) programs and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services to give you complete visibility and control of all of your recruiting, screening, onboarding/offboarding, compliance, supplier qualification and management, and other key aspects of your workforce management process.

    Improve Results While Reducing Workload

    Volt’s TTM team integrates your people, processes, and technology while collaborating with your stakeholders to improve your efficiency and results throughout the recruiting lifecycle:

    • Single-point-of-contact onsite team gives your hiring managers access to a consultative resource that can advise on the best delivery channel for different roles and projects and deliver best-in-field talent for every position
    • Reduced administrative burden for accounts payable and receivable teams through consolidated invoicing, supplier issue resolution, timekeeping management, and improved process efficiency
    • Comprehensive benchmarking of workforce costs and trends in your local markets enables decision makers to anticipate and proactively address talent gaps
    • Consistent experience for candidates and third-party suppliers and uniform promotion of your employer brand and employee value proposition
    • Deep-dive analytics and industry insights that enable your team to make strategic decisions about workforce forecasting and business objectives


    If your company recruits both contingent and permanent workers, TTM may be the ideal solution for improving talent quality, reducing risk, and controlling recruiting costs across your entire organization.

  • Seeking a better return on your workforce investment? That’s what Volt delivers.

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