• Get More Value from Your Contingent Workforce Program

    Volt’s Managed Services Provider (MSP) programs provide the tools, insights, and expertise your organization needs to improve talent quality, reduce risk, and control costs across your entire contingent program. Our proven workforce management and talent acquisition strategies add value for stakeholders company-wide:

    • Hiring managers get faster access to the most qualified specialists and suppliers
    • Procurement gains a reliable partner for vendor management and rate negotiation
    • Human Resources has improved visibility of internal and external compliance
    • Leadership receives the in-depth analytics and insights to drive informed decisions



    Manage More, Achieve More


    Most MSP programs are designed to manage staffing suppliers, yet only a third of most companies’ contingent workers are supplied by staffing companies. Volt’s MSP goes further, efficiently managing all of your service providers by focusing on the critical aspects of each delivery channel:

    Staffing Suppliers

    Get the talent quality you seek, at the appropriate rate, on the timeline you need by improving your visibility and control of supplier performance, program compliance, market rate comparisons, process efficiency, spend, and risk.

    SOW Vendors

    Because statement of work projects are most often measured on contracted deliverables, Volt applies a project management mindset to monitor and manage work quality, scope of delivery, milestones met, budget compliance, and stakeholder satisfaction.

    Independent Contractors and Talent Pools

    Freelance and independent contractors represent roughly one-third of the available contingent workforce globally, and they present companies with unique sourcing challenges. Volt applies our extensive talent network and supplier partnerships to identify, curate, and manage a pool of qualified independent workers tailored to your operational requirements. Our industry expertise ensures you have access to individuals with a proven history of success at fair market rates while protecting your company from the related financial, legal, and business risks of independent contractor engagement.


    Flexibility without Compromise


    Every business is different – and every Volt program reflects that. Our consultative approach to partnership ensures you have the program that delivers what you need today with the flexibility to grow with your business. Delivery models include:

    Vendor Neutral MSP Program

    Tailored precisely to your business, this comprehensive solution allows all qualified suppliers to compete to fill open requisitions based on candidate quality and cost. Volt is the single point of contact for your internal teams and manages supplier selection and management, rate negotiation, compliance, and invoicing for your entire contingent program.

    Hybrid Sourcing Model

    This program leverages Volt’s sourcing expertise to ensure your organization is using the most effective supplier management model to address your business needs, including master vendor, preferred supplier model, niche suppliers, and other sourcing strategies.


    Program Highlights


    Business Insights: Smart decisions start with reliable information. Volt’s data warehouse leverages more than three million candidate submittals across multiple industries and geographies to provide current, relevant information for rate benchmarking, spend analysis, key performance indicators, forecasting, and more.

    Supplier Management: Volt identifies and manages suppliers and supplier contracts to ensure compliance with rate cards, risk standards, and service level agreements. Moreover, our supplier optimization process ensures you have the right suppliers and the right size supplier base to provide efficient access to qualified talent.

    Consolidated Billing (where local legislation allows): Processing all talent supplier invoices through the MSP provides clients with a single-source billing process that increases billing accuracy and improves visibility of contingent spend, all while reducing the workload for your internal teams.

    Technology Independent: We work with all major Vendor Management System (VMS) technology partners to provide end-to-end program visibility and accountability, as well as comprehensive tracking and processing of employee time and expenses.

    Change Management: Increasing adoption rates is essential to improving performance, so we provide streamlined change management and customized training to clearly define your goals and the value of the program to internal users and service providers.

    Global Reach: An effective MSP solution in one country may require more flexibility in another. Volt’s experience managing contingent employees in more than 25 countries has given us deep expertise in identifying and addressing the economic, regulatory, technical, and cultural challenges of any region where your company wants to grow.


    The Right Program Today – and Tomorrow


    Our client tenure is among the longest in the industry because our focus on continual innovation and improvement consistently delivers outstanding results, year over year. From precise reporting of program KPIs to routine quarterly business reviews, supplier optimization strategies to in-depth performance analytics, we collaborate with your team to determine what’s working well and how we can make it even better. At Volt, we believe that innovation isn’t about new bells and whistles – it’s about results. We measure ourselves by the success of our clients, so we relentlessly strive to provide the responsive, insightful, consultative service that ensures the ongoing business objectives you set are the results you achieve.

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