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Strategic hybrid working for leadership

A new era of hybrid working was ushered in by the pandemic and this has caused a seismic shift when it comes to perceptions about leadership. There are many challenges to continuing to inspire, motivate and monitor employees who are working under a hybrid structure - but there are opportunities too.

How to address skills shortages within your organization

Identifying and addressing skills shortages is vital for businesses looking to develop their staff and grow their services. According to the 2020 World Economic Forum, more than one billion workers worldwide will have to be reskilled by 2030. 

Five Ways an MSP Solution Reduces Corporate Recruitment Costs and Improves Access to Talent

Over the past year, organizations have had to become more adaptive and open to change, especially when it comes to talent management. With this new outlook has come a whole new swathe of opportunities for businesses to be more agile and competitive, improve cost efficiency and better manage risk.

Why data-informed decision-making is vital to workforce planning

Having access to industry relevant data helps to streamline many processes, especially when it comes to something as critical as workforce planning. The use of data can generate insights into the market where you’re operating, including current threats, trends, changes and the potential for progress and growth.

Tips for compliantly and effectively managing your contingent workforce

Even before the business community started dealing with COVID-19, the contingent workforce was on the rise. These are the freelancers, seasonal employees, digital nomads and part-time employees who provide organizations all over the world with the freedom and agility to be more efficient and responsive.

Reinventing talent sourcing globally post covid

The pandemic has changed the pressures on talent sourcing and created a whole new set of obstacles to finding the right people and building a resilient workforce.

Volt and CEO Linda Perneau win 2021 Stevie Awards for women in business

Orange, CA, September 23, 2021 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Volt Information Sciences, Inc. (“Volt” or the “Company”) (NYSE-AMERICAN: VOLT), a global provider of staffing services, today announced that it has been awarded two Silver Stevie® Awards. 

Robots enhancing workforces not depleting

The perception that machines are going to take over from humans, with robots leaving people without jobs and career prospects, has been around for decades. 

Addressing the ageing workforce

Talent strategies for 2021 onwards must be alert to, and focused on, the need to address an ageing workforce. Within the UK, more than a third of the working population is over the age of 50, with far fewer younger skilled people entering the workforce than are likely to leave it in the coming decade.



Volt Named as America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firm and Best Professional Recruiting Firm by Forbes

ORANGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Volt Information Sciences, Inc. ("Volt" or the "Company") (NYSE-AMERICAN: VOLT), a global provider of staffing services, today announced that it has been recognized for the second consecutive year on Forbes’ annual list of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms.

Building success in a competitive talent market

The way that successful organizations recruit today is changing. Gone is the short-term, transactional approach that abandons candidates if they are not accepted for a role and releases those that do make it into the business from further attention. 

Volt are in APSCo OutSource Global News 2021

Volt are in APSCo OutSource Global News 2021

Volt Consulting Group Hiring Manager Survey Results 2021

Hiring managers from the clients of Volt Consulting Group (VCG) were invited to participate in a survey. The results assist VCG in identifying opportunities to maintain or improve aspects of our service with our hiring managers.

Volt are Finalists in 3 Categories for the TIARA US Talent Solutions Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce that Volt Consulting Group is a finalist in the TIARA US Talent Solutions Awards in the following 3 categories

Innovative approaches to talent management

The past year has required businesses across all sectors to be flexible and resourceful when it comes to adapting to pandemic-driven change. In some industries, this has meant looking for ways to keep staff on even in the face of impending unemployment. In other sectors, there has been a need to quickly employ new people to meet the increasing demand for certain products and services.

It’s a love hate thing…

After 18 Year in the recruitment industry (I know, I had a very easy paper round!) My mind sometimes wanders to the “What if” section of my grey matter. It quickly plays with some ideas, like a child discarding the toy and having a brand new cardboard box to play with and then meanders over to the “well why am I doing this” section.

“No” seems to be the hardest word

What is it with saying No to someone that scares some people? Is it the negativity of the word? Is it the horror that said person or worse client will never speak to you again. After a conversation with one of my colleagues I was amazed that he had agreed to a deadline that was totally unachievable. He knew he wasn’t going to hit it and worse so did the client. This got me thinking, when are the reasons for us to say No or if that’s too harsh for you we can say…maybe later.

My move from Luxury Fashion to Business Process Outsourcing

I have just completed my second month at Volt Consulting Group, and believe me it has been a real eye opener. Have I simply exchanged my role in luxury fashion, working with beautifully crafted, products for another?