My move from Luxury Fashion to Business Process Outsourcing

I have just completed my second month at Volt Consulting Group, and believe me it has been a real eye opener. There is so much more to the world of staffing than I thought. Not simply the idea of helping people fulfill their ambitions, but being exposed to innovations and concepts around the future of work and how this affects everyone from top level managers to entry level workers.

Since I started at VCG, working for an MSP (Managed Service Provider), I have realized there are so many moving parts when it comes to creating and running a successful solution that I don’t think anyone outside of the industry could imagine. It really is an art seeing the proposals put together and then watching the MSP actually in situ pumping away, turning out, monitoring and keeping all of the information for thousands of workers with razor blade accuracy. Each MSP is crafted from scratch, all completely personalized to the company and all completely different. Which in all honesty isn’t much different to the world of bespoke tailoring, just a different product. So does that make an MSP a luxury solution? Have I simply exchanged one role working in beautifully crafted, unique products for another?

Obviously the big difference between the two is the amount of people that each item can effect. An MSP is a solution that really makes a difference amongst the life of workers and companies and does this for thousands of people; whereas, a unique one-off accessory doesn’t really end up helping anyone. They are beautiful to look at and may have a purpose, but the solution it fixes can be done more efficiently and for a lower cost with something else. An MSP with VCG is the complete opposite. It has purpose and it fixes solutions the best way possible, it is efficient and it is useful. That doesn’t mean that it is not also beautiful, beautiful in the sense that it is refined, perfected and limitless. An MSP is carefully crafted and upholds the highest level of quality. A tailored suit is also created similarly. Like many artisans creating bespoke suits or shoes who have years of experience and spent a lifetime honing and crafting their skills, we too have history and carefully honed skill. VCG implemented the first UK Vendor Neutral MSP program and we have some of the longest industry experience with SOW management.

A big thing we pride ourselves on here at VCG, and one of the main reasons I joined, is the amount of care we give in order to create the best customer experience possible for our clients. We don’t just sell a solution and let the end customer fend for themselves. We are there whenever help is needed. We send out quarterly performance reports to all of our clients and suppliers before acting upon the feedback and this is why our average client tenure is over 13 years. Our customers are part of the VCG family. We want to see you succeed, and we want to be part of what helps you reach your success.

Experience is everything. Whether that is going to a west end show, having an incredible meal at a Michelin Star restaurant, or just being greeted genuinely and with care when you’re at a supermarket, this is what we remember and what we take away. So, in a world where mass market, ‘one size fits all’ services are increasingly adopted, we like to stand out from the crowd.

Business process outsourcing and luxury fashion therefore have a lot of differences, but the experience we provide, the care we give and the attention to detail that is put towards building the perfect solution can be considered a luxury service, one we hope you never forget.

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