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Volt Consulting Group knows that process alignment challenges arise as business entities grapple with unifying disparate procurement and internal business processing systems. Our programs provide the visibility and scalability needed to emerge stronger and the high quality candidates and cost savings needed to fuel additional growth. This helps insurance companies maintain a competitive edge as they move more toward sales of annuity products, directly competing with financial services firms. (View case study here.)


Staying ahead of the competition requires on-demand access to software designers, customer installation engineers, data center professionals, and other IT specialists. Volt Consulting Group has extensive involvement with major technology enterprises from manufacturers of self-services, biomedical devices, financial electronics and avionics systems to telecommunications, voice/data and wireless communications infrastructure companies. Our global pool of participating staffing companies helps you quickly fill these specialized positions. (View case study here.)

Banking and Finance

Need to integrate new business quickly and without hassles? Volt Consulting Group is known for our agility and speed. We can help you add new business units inside of weeks, not months. Mergers and acquisitions can be challenging from a human resources perspective. Volt has proven ability in providing a common platform for the consolidation of dissimilar business systems into one efficient structure. We are equally flexible when it comes to scaling down in less productive areas. (View case study here.)


Our experience with the utilities industry means that Volt knows how to ensure compliance with the unique regulations and governing bodies that are associated with the utility sector. Volt operations personnel are experts on key safety and energy efficiency limits in place to protect workers and utility companies. We work with an established base of niche suppliers who excel at filling those difficult positions unique to the utilities industry.


Successfully implementing your company’s products or services requires qualified customer delivery teams. Savings are being captured by companies outsourcing this client-facing consulting function. Volt Consulting Group's solution helps you build quality customer delivery teams quickly and makes it easy to scale back once projects are complete. Whether your clients are municipalities or large enterprises, no other solutions provider can match the broad range of competitive suppliers offered by our solutions.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Today’s pharmaceutical and medical device companies face stiff competition to hire the very best people in the clinical and scientific realm. Whether it's top quality talent for clinical studies and FDA trials or IT for manufacturing, our global pool of participating staffing companies helps you fill these specialized positions quickly and with the very best people. Our long-term service of the pharmaceutical market has enabled us to nurture strong relationships with the top staffing firms specializing in these specialized skill sets. (View case study here.)

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Volt Consulting Group's onboarding solution ensures all necessary documentation for position requirements are properly validated. In an industry where security is of paramount importance, clearance certifications and background screenings must be given priority attention. Our experts are current in their knowledge of all critical certifications and screenings. In addition, Volt has extensive experience in the specific processes of procurement compliance. (View case study here.)


Today’s manufacturing companies are dependent on productive expertise, while balancing the unpredictable behavior of global production demand, and face stiff competition to hire the very best people. Our global pool of staffing partner companies help you fill these specialized positions quickly and with the best people. Our long-term service of the manufacturing market has enabled us to nurture strong relationships with the firms who specialize in these expert skill sets. (View case study here.)


Our experience in the transportation industry has led us to develop innovative hiring practices that are proven to be successful in obtaining the critical transportation engineering and associated skill sets. Although these skill sets are often unavailable through traditional recruiting methods, our established reputation and proven history compels candidates to seek out our recruiters when they are looking for their next assignment. 

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