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Innovative approaches to talent management

The past year has required businesses across all sectors to be flexible and resourceful when it comes to adapting to pandemic-driven change. In some industries, this has meant looking for ways to keep staff on even in the face of impending unemployment. In other sectors, there has been a need to quickly employ new people to meet the increasing demand for certain products and services.

Success Strategies focusing on Contingent Workforce Management

More than 40% of the average modern workforce is made up of non-employees. This - plus the impact of recruitment during the pandemic - has put contingent talent front and center when it comes to effective workforce management. Today, there is a significant need for improved flexibility, being able to adapt to changing environments and integrate technology to ensure the business continues to thrive and grow. Working with contingent talent can help any organization to optimize operations as long as you have strong success-driven strategies in place.

Volt Consulting Group Hiring Manager Survey Results

Hiring managers from the clients of Volt Consulting Group (VCG) were invited to participate in a survey. The results assist VCG in identifying opportunities to maintain or improve aspects of their service with VCG hiring managers.