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Talent Acquisition Specialist
Outside of work Will runs a fashion blog called ‘Brighton Street Style’ with his friend which puts together 2 of his passions: meeting people and fashion. Will is in to films, binge watching TV programmes, soul, funk and disco music, hip hop music, vinyl collecting, politics & world affairs and buddhism, so if you want to have a chat about any of those things, Will is your man. Connect with Will on LinkedIn to discuss job opportunities at Volt.
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It’s a love hate thing…

After 18 Year in the recruitment industry (I know, I had a very easy paper round!) My mind sometimes wanders to the “What if” section of my grey matter. It quickly plays with some ideas, like a child discarding the toy and having a brand new cardboard box to play with and then meanders over to the “well why am I doing this” section.

The Times they are a changing (I Think)

Recently I sat in a seminar and the speaker said “the kids at school today are going to be in jobs that don’t even exist yet!” gasps from the audience at this revolutionary statement as I sat non pulsed with his closer! Is that really a change to what has always happened? For example…..When my parents were at school I’m sure the thought of hiring a Head of cyber security on an hourly rate with his own limited company and a Coffee shop on every corner was hardly the brave new world we thought it would be! 

“No” seems to be the hardest word

What is it with saying No to someone that scares some people? Is it the negativity of the word? Is it the horror that said person or worse client will never speak to you again. After a conversation with one of my colleagues I was amazed that he had agreed to a deadline that was totally unachievable. He knew he wasn’t going to hit it and worse so did the client. This got me thinking, when are the reasons for us to say No or if that’s too harsh for you we can say…maybe later.

Benefits of combining MSP with VMS for SOW management

Confused about the contingent workforce? Read our explanation differentiating between the types of worker this workforce consists of.   Check out our acronym blog on the benefits of MSP with VMS for SOW Management.

The Contingent Workforce – What is it?

Confused about the contingent workforce? Read our explanation differentiating between the types of worker this workforce consists of.

No-One to Vouch for you? You're Out! Tesla gets Tough with Contractors

Tesla’s Elon Musk has stirred controversy over the last month by announcing that all contractors must be vouched for by a permanent member of staff, or see their contracts terminated the following Monday. A general focus on efficiency at the company has led to specific concerns regarding the use of contractors and sub-contractors – Musk refers to the problem as a “Russian nesting doll of contractor, subcontractor, sub-subcontractor etc before you finally find someone doing actual work”. This is not an uncommon issue for large firms, particularly hi-tech and high-end engineering companies, but is Musk’s hard-line approach a little too harsh?

How To Get Rogue Spend Under Control

What is ‘rogue spend’? Rogue, maverick and tail spend are common terms in the procurement business, and they all mean roughly the same thing – unexpected, unpredictable or unorthodox spending.  This sort of spending can happen when purchases are made outside of agreed supplier contracts, often ignoring defined procurement processes. There can be a number of reasons why a department may choose not to adhere to agreed processes - read more