Total Talent Management (TTM) Solutions

If your company operates in the Europe and Asia regions and recruits both contingent and permanent workers, it makes sense to enlist a company like Volt Consulting Group to work across both categories. While some activities relate specifically to either contingent or direct hire attraction and engagement, organizations can benefit from improvements in efficiency, quality, risk, and cost by combining the two activities as part of a total talent management solution.

Every stakeholder engaged in the acquisition of people into your organization can benefit from a single point of contact in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Hiring Managers can speak to a single team for all their needs
  • Total visibility of all recruitment across your organization
  • Flexible resource planning when deciding on worker engagement types
  • Smoother implementation of legislative and corporate compliance requirements for your legal teams
  • Enhanced candidate experience as they engage with Volt as an extension of your business
  • Consistent deployment of your employer brand and development of your employee value proposition
  • Greater ability to leverage spend with third-party partners