Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

A one stop shop for in-demand talent

Today’s pharmaceutical and medical devices companies face stiff competition to hire the very best people in the clinical/scientific realm. Whether it's top quality talent for clinical studies and FDA trials or IT for manufacturing, our global pool of participating staffing companies helps you fill these specialized positions quickly and with the best people. Our long-term service of the pharmaceutical market has enabled us to nurture strong relationships with the top staffing firms who specialize in these expert skill sets.

Greater flexibility to handle growth/change

Dwindling volumes of new drugs in product pipelines are causing a surge in M&A activity in the pharmaceutical industry. Volt Consulting Group enables painless change management for business processes and process re-engineering during the merge of respective cultures. Our solutions provide a centralized system, delivering consistency and accountability during tumultuous times, and allowing you to get back to the business of improving and even saving lives.

Innovation through global diversity

We understand that the pharmaceutical industry values diversity in its workforce. After all, innovation is driven by the exchange of diverse ideas from every corner of the globe. Our established presence in 25 countries is an asset to pharmaceutical companies who look to the best and brightest at home and abroad in their search for the next life-changing blockbuster. Whatever your diversity goals, Volt can help you attain them.