It’s a love hate thing…

After 18 Year in the recruitment industry (I know, I had a very easy paper round!) My mind sometimes wanders to the “What if” section of my grey matter. It quickly plays with some ideas, like a child discarding the toy and having a brand new cardboard box to play with and then meanders over to the “well why am I doing this” section. It seems to like this particular sandbox and on one particular daydream of consciousness I compiled a list in my head (trust me, I am good company in real life!) What I love and hate about the recruitment industry. Now before we go any further hate is a strong word to use but my musing entitled “What I love and sometimes gets on my nerves but I don’t let it bother me….” Doesn’t really have the zing I’m looking for.



So here it is the things I Love and things that mildly annoy me (Marketing wouldn’t let me put hate) about the recruitment industry



Clients and building relationships

No day is the same

No seriously no day is the same, I kid you not, Old cliché but it’s true

Clichés, yes I’m aware of this irony here!

Changing technology / advancements in technology

The People


The Science of recruitment and how it can totally change a client’s workforce


Mild annoyance!

Stereotypes (hate all agencies, just like rhinos….Thick skin and charge a lot)

The Egos

Back in my day or any reference to the good old days

More calls means more business or the hustle techniques

Buzz words or sayings - Run it up the flag pole, think outside the box, blue sky thinking

Reluctance to change

Companies not fully utilizing the talent


From the lists I gentle moved towards the people that stay in recruitment and those that brief dalliance with recruitment normally return into recruitment folk lore. I always remember from a training session of people that enter the recruitment industry only 10 odd% stay to become managers and then onto directors and so on. Are we really all that bad that we put people off progressing for life? In my plotted history I took the same route as most. Out of college and sitting at home at 18 with no job. My business guru (Dad, see blog The Times they are a changing (I Think) told me that I should go temping at a local agency for experience. So I did, £5 per hour on a monthly contract, back in 2000 I thought I had arrived, previous work experience included stacking shelfs at my local supermarket on £3.75 per hour.


First day (with my business gurus’ tie on might I add) I was given the AS400 database or black and green screen and shown how to search. First role was a VAX/VMS role and have over 150 people to call on it and thought nothing of it by calling all 150. Call me naïve, but was that not the point. Well according to my manager no one had ever done that and had to be forced to calling people. From the very first call I just enjoyed speaking to people and actually trying to fit the person part of the jigsaw into the role shaped hole! The reason I stayed? I enjoyed it…not every job mind you. I took some wrong turns with my career but at each stage I have remained in recruitment because it worked for me. So if you are thinking of a job in recruitment here are some little hints and tips I have picked up along the way.


Agency or MSP/RPO

Agency Recruitment is the one side you will probably hear the most about or are familiar with. You have a job that you have found by cold calling a client and you now need to fill it. I started in Agency side and thought it was great grounding. I have seen people who start in MSP/RPO side and then move to the agency way but only a handful who have done it well. I wasn’t cut out for agency side to be honest, I just didn’t seem to enjoy the cut and thrust of it (code for, wasn’t the biggest biller)

MSP/RPO working on behalf of a client who outsource part or all of the recruitment. No new business calls but still tough KPI’s and SLA. I moved into this area around 12 years ago as I felt it the relationship side was much more suited to my so called patter!

Don’t chase the money

This is from personal experience, I made a horrible decision to move jobs just for a higher basic. Job wasn’t what I thought it was and low and behold it didn’t work out. For some, recruitment is a very lucrative business and do very, very well out of it and I applaud those people. For me not chasing the money was the best move in my career. If you’re good enough then it finds you.

Choose the right employer

This may seem like an obvious one but look into the agency or MSP provider you are interviewing or looking to join. Ask about the turnover of staff, enquire about the benefits outside of the basic and commission. The industry has some utterly brilliant agencies and providers out there and of course its bad ones. Do your homework and you will find the right one for you.

Give it a Chance

Like all careers it takes time to find your feet and establish who and what you are. Don’t duck out at the first sign of trouble, stick it out and if you enjoy what you are doing in recruitment learn from any mistakes and try not to make them again.


Innovative approaches to talent management

The past year has required businesses across all sectors to be flexible and resourceful when it comes to adapting to pandemic-driven change. In some industries, this has meant looking for ways to keep staff on even in the face of impending unemployment. In other sectors, there has been a need to quickly employ new people to meet the increasing demand for certain products and services.

Success Strategies focusing on Contingent Workforce Management

More than 40% of the average modern workforce is made up of non-employees. This - plus the impact of recruitment during the pandemic - has put contingent talent front and center when it comes to effective workforce management. Today, there is a significant need for improved flexibility, being able to adapt to changing environments and integrate technology to ensure the business continues to thrive and grow. Working with contingent talent can help any organization to optimize operations as long as you have strong success-driven strategies in place.

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It’s a love hate thing…

Will Dennis

After 18 Year in the recruitment industry (I know, I had a very easy paper round!) My mind sometimes wanders to the “What if” section of my grey matter. It quickly plays with some ideas, like a child discarding the toy and having a brand new cardboard box to play with and then meanders over to the “well why am I doing this” section.

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The Times they are a changing (I Think)

Will Dennis

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