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Volt Consulting Group helps utility companies with expansion of the diversity spend initiatives these organizations characteristically require. To meet that need, Volt has created associate diversity supplier programs where we create true partnerships with diversity suppliers. This entails activities such as training, regular mentoring and, in some cases, even the sharing of office space, making it easier for firms to hire local candidates.


Our experience with the utilities industry means that Volt knows how to ensure compliance with the unique regulations and governing bodies that are associated with it. Volt operations personnel have become experts on the ins and outs of key safety and energy efficiency limits in place to protect workers and utility companies. From fatigue-related work hour limits to OSHA regulations, you can rest assured that Volt will ensure compliance.

Access to in-demand talent on demand

While an accounts payable worker can likely be found anywhere in the country, it’s far more difficult to source a nuclear engineer or someone with utilities regulatory experience. Volt's experience in building a base of the highly specialized workers that the utilities industry requires is of tremendous value. We also work with an established base of niche suppliers who are especially good at filling those difficult positions unique to the utilities industry.

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