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Aquire top talent easily and quickly

Our experience in the Transportation industry has led us to develop innovative hiring practices that are proven to be successful in obtaining the critical engineering and other skill sets required by transportation firms. These skill sets are often unavailable through traditional recruiting methods, but we have an established reputation and a proven history that compels candidates to seek out our recruiters specifically when they are looking for their next project engagement.


Global sourcing of high-tech work has become the norm. Volt Consulting Group is ahead of the competition with established footprints in more countries worldwide. We frequently participate in international recruitment trips with our clients’ hiring managers and contract labor administration. This solution includes pre-set interview schedules, on-the-spot offers, immigrations services, and relocation consultation to expedite new hires.


With the Transportation industry often performing work for government agencies, you can be assured that Volt provides access to requisition data, service level requirements, and escalations and ensures compliance with all necessary process steps for new hires and end of assignments.

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