A solution as broad as the marketplace

Volt Consulting Group has extensive involvement with major technology enterprises, from manufacturers of self-services (ATMs, point of sale systems, business machines), biomedical devices, financial electronics, and avionics systems to telecommunications, voice/data and wireless communications infrastructure companies.

Access to in-demand talent on demand

Moore’s Law keeps high tech and electronics companies very busy. The rapid pace of innovation accelerates product obsolescence. Staying ahead of the competition requires on-demand access to software designers, customer installation engineers, data center professionals, and other IT specialists. Our global pool of participating staffing companies helps you fill these specialized positions quickly. The expedience of on-demand IT talent is paralleled by the convenience of easily scaling down once projects are complete.


Global outsourcing of high-tech work to low-cost countries has become the norm. Volt is ahead of the competition with established footprints in 25 countries worldwide.