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Banking and Finance

Industry Consolidation

Need to integrate new business quickly and without hassles? Volt Consulting Group is known for agility and speed. We can help you add new business units inside of weeks, not months. Mergers and acquisitions can be challenging from a human resources perspective. Volt has proven ability in providing a common platform for the consolidation of dissimilar business systems into one efficient structure. We are equally flexible when it comes to scaling down in less productive areas.

High turnover, market cycles and peak volume needs

A changing economic and business environment for mortgage and consumer lending, driven by industry consolidation, typically results in fluctuating contingent workforce requirements. Volt combines superior supplier relationships, supplier management programs and workflow processing capabilities to provide seamless transitioning of labor acquisition or termination. Stabilizing the contingent workforce diminishes the impact of fluctuations in demand caused by the peaks and valleys of market cycles and seasonal trends.


Volt enjoys established relationships with the top providers of professionals with specialized skill sets and compliance knowledge. Volt also has direct experience with Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory requirements. Our compliance with these regulations means all transactions performed on behalf of our clients are subject to rigorous scrutiny.

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