Aerospace & Defense Industry

The age of security and compliance

Volt Consulting Group's onboarding solution ensures that the necessary documentation for position requirements are properly validated. In an industry where security is of paramount importance, clearance certifications and background screenings must be given priority attention. Our experts are current in their knowledge of all critical certifications and screenings. In addition, Volt has extensive experience in specific processes of procurement compliance.

Direct charge management in the U.S.

Accounting processes are different for aerospace and defense companies with US military contracts and government clients. Volt knows how to accurately manage both direct and indirect charges incurred by contingent workers.


Much of the work done by American aerospace and defense companies must often be performed by US citizens. The industry’s high diversity supplier goals, some as high as 90%, are meant to help drive innovation despite the restrictions against sourcing globally. Volt enjoys established relationships with the nation’s top diversity suppliers.